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District looks to energy efficiency to save money

Teri Vance

Officials aren’t sure exactly what the future holds for the Carson City School District, but they do know funding will be cut.

“Even though we know there are some big changes coming, we don’t know the extent,” Superintendent Richard Stokes told the school board Tuesday.

In a presentation to the board, Mark Korinek, director of operations, said conserving energy costs will provide the district with more funds to use elsewhere.

“If we can decrease our operating costs, more money goes to education,” he said.

He listed projects throughout the district, from daylighting at Carson Middle School, Bordewich-Bray Elementary School and the district office to upgraded cooling and heating systems at various schools, that have saved the district a considerable amount of money.

Since 2002, he said, the district has received $112,000 in rebates from NV Energy as part of the incentive program to implement green energy technology, including a $13,274 check presented Tuesday evening.

He said the district is conserving 1.8 million kilowatt hours for a $200,000 annual savings.

“I think we’re doing pretty good on some of these things,” Korinek said. “We have excellent partners.”

He said he would like to see the district continue to focus on improving efficiency in the district with more natural lighting, occupancy sensors, LED lighting and upgraded heating and cooling systems, along with other projects.

He stressed the more money saved on energy costs, the more that would be available to be used in the classroom.