DMV’s web site a speedy alternative to handle business |

DMV’s web site a speedy alternative to handle business

Staff reports

Kathryn Blanchard of Fernley became DMV’s 250,000th electronic customer when she renewed her husband George’s motorcycle registration using the Internet.

“We live 30 miles from Reno and 30 miles from Fallon,” she said. “Just getting to the DMV can be a nightmare because it’s so far.”

The Department of Motor Vehicles began offering the Internet site at last year to help Nevadans with simple tasks such as renewing registrations do so without physically going to a DMV office.

Once she got into the site, she said it took only three or four minutes to complete the task.

The Web site is one of the department’s alternative ways of doing business. DMV Director Ginny Lewis said it’s ideal for drivers who live in rural Nevada where no office is near by.

“What alternative technology is about is giving motorists choices as to how they do business with the department,” Lewis said.

Drivers can also renew their registration at some emission check stations in Washoe and Clark counties or by calling 877-DMV-STAT (368-7828), which — like the Internet — will also handle simple license renewals.

Lewis said about 96,000 motorists used one of the alternatives to avoid standing in line in the first year.

“Now, a little over two years down the road, to hit the quarter-million-user mark tells me it’s becoming the preferred choice for more and more Nevada drivers.”

DMV now accepts Discover and American Express as well as Visa and Mastercard.

The system has been so successful officials had to ask the legislative Interim Finance Committee for more money to absorb the costs of using those cards. But state officials have said the alternative registration methods save the state despite the card fees because more staff would be needed to handle the crowd in the offices.