Doctor finds unique way to raise funds for victims |

Doctor finds unique way to raise funds for victims

by F.T. Norton
Appeal Staff Writer

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal Chiropractor Brad Pastro adjusts Judy Jemtegaard Wednesday afternoon. Pastro is challenging area chiropractors to help raise funds for Katrina victims.

A Carson City chiropractor has issued a challenge to his colleagues in Nevada – donate your skills to raise money for hurricane relief.

Dr. Bradley Pastro and his wife, Christy, who serves as his receptionist, know first-hand the effects of a hurricane. Last year, the couple was attending a seminar in Clearwater, Fla., when they found themselves trapped for three days in a hotel when Hurricane Frances came through.

On the return flight from this year’s seminar, Pastro said their flight path took them directly over New Orleans, a city leveled last week by Hurricane Katrina.

“You could see the devastation even at 30,000 feet,” he said. “We saw all that and thought, what can we do?”

The Pastro’s solution? Offer after-hour services to patients, including physical exam, evaluation, X-rays and a report of findings, all for the price of a donation of at least $20. The estimated cost of the office visit, Pastro said, is about $200.

His goal is to raise $5,000 and give the proceeds to the American Red Cross or a similar organization that will help care for some 300 evacuees expected in Reno soon.

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“We set the goal high in hopes that we can fulfill it,” he said.

Film for the X-rays was donated to the Pastros by Sierra X-ray of Reno. The only other expense is the doctor’s time and skill.

“We’ll be putting in some long hours, but it’s worth it,” he said.

In Pastros’ calculations, if each of Nevada’s licensed chiropractors set the same goal, $3 million would be the result.

“I challenge each one of the 600 chiropractors in this state to raise $5,000,” Pastro said. “I’d like to see everyone donate their time. It’s my feeling we all have an obligation to do something like this. I don’t want to just give it lip service. We want to help.”

The couple has been running around town hanging posters with the details of their fund-raising effort.

“It’s just awful what those people are going through,” Christy said. “When we started seeing the devastation, we knew we had to help.”

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