Dodd said nation is headed in the wrong direction |

Dodd said nation is headed in the wrong direction

Geoff Dornan and Jarid Shipley
Appeal Capitol Bureau
Sen. Christopher Dodd

Sen. Chris Dodd, of Connecticut, told the audience the stakes have never been higher in an election.

“Our nation is headed in the wrong direction,” he said.

He said his vote to authorize the war was a mistake but that the nation needs to look ahead not behind.

“The more important question is where do we go from here.”

Dodd said the U.S. should begin deploying out of high density population areas of Iraq where our soldiers are “nothing more than referees in a civil war.”

Quotes from Sen. Dodd

“It’s not as important where you are from, but where you stand and

what you stand for.”

“It takes a leader and proven leadership to get things done. People

would like the election tomorrow to make a change.”

“I’m grateful to the people of Nevada because you give a fellow like

me a chance to make my case. Because this is a small state, you get

to meet and talk to people.”