Dog detective follows scent but finds no Zoey |

Dog detective follows scent but finds no Zoey

by F.T. Norton

A pet detective brought in by a Carson City family to track their American Eskimo dog missing since the day after Christmas did not find Zoey, but did offer the family some clues as to the direction she went.

Stephany Corral said that missing dog specialist Karin TarQwyn and her tracking dogs followed Zoey’s scent Saturday seven miles from her home to the area of Sutro Terrace and Emerson Drive and toward the mountains into Washoe Valley in North Carson City.

Corral said “evidence of coyote tables and their markings,” makes her believe her little white dog may have been carried off.

“It’s not looking real good,” said Stephany, who’s plastered the city with posters in the search for Zoey.

The 10-year-old dog is believed to have jumped a fence at the family’s south Carson home on Dec. 26 and hasn’t been seen since.

TarQwyn, who lives in Oklahoma, has spent the past six years traveling the country with her tracking dogs trying to find missing pets. She claims to have been involved in more than 1,500 searches.

Corral said she’ll continue to put posters up around town, but that her hope is fading.

Someone called her Sunday and said they found remains. Corral said she collected the remains and sent them off to TarQwyn for DNA testing.

“It was right in the area where the dog scented, so I think it’s her,” said Corral. “There isn’t anything else I can do.”