Dogs strut their stuff at Fuji Park |

Dogs strut their stuff at Fuji Park

by Sally J. Taylor, Appeal Staff Writer

Canines of all sizes shapes and colors lined up Saturday at Fuji Park to see and be seen for the Bonanza Kennel Club Dog Show.

Entries for Saturday’s events totaled 1,067 with many returning today for another round.

Tank, a 18-month-old Saint Bernard, wasn’t quite ready for stardom but the attention of young admirers was enough to make all the fussing worthwhile.

“There’s a lot of grooming, bathing, nails, cleaning ears, the typical every-day grooming you just have to make sure its done on show day,” said Tank’s owner, Vanessa Engelback from Sacramento.

Engelback has been showing and breeding Saint Bernards for seven years.

Preparation includes taking “a lot of handlers classes in your area,” she recommended. “Obedience class is wonderful to get him under control, obedience classes as a young puppy makes them more willing to learn,” she said.

Despite so many dogs gathered in one location, barking was minimal.

The biggest problem of the day was an escaped Sheltie that prompted a “close-the-gates” call from the loud speaker. Terrified of all the people chasing it, the Sheltie was finally apprehended by its trainer to the relief of the spectators.

“Once in awhile that happens,” said event organizer Gail Spieker, who has been breeding and showing Samoyeds for 30 years.

“I’m at the point where I don’t run around the ring anymore so I got into judging,” said Spieker, president of the Bonanza Kennel Club.

The annual show at Fuji Park attracts breeders and trainers from all over the West.

Dogs compete in obedience competitions for three different skill levels as well as judging Best of Breed. The best of each breed category then competes for Best of Show.

On Sunday, the dogs will compete again.

Judging begins at 8 a.m. as does obedience trials for about 60 dogs seeking obedience titles.

Breed level judging is generally completed by 1 p.m. At 1:45 p.m., the judges take a look at the dogs by group types, hound, herding, sporting, toy, terrier, working, and non-sporting.

Best of Show is the last competition of the day.