Donations close to paying for sight-saving surgery |

Donations close to paying for sight-saving surgery

by F.T. Norton
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer
Brad Horn/Nevada Appeal file photo

Things are looking up for Don Lamb, a Carson City man who is losing his eyesight to glaucoma.

On Wednesday, Lamb’s doctor told him that the remaining vision in his left eye was stable and that he has at least two months ” instead of just weeks, as he was told three weeks ago ” before his chances of successful surgery dissipate.

And a savings account opened for Lamb now contains $3,400 toward the cost of the $5,000 surgery.

Lamb, who is uninsured, said he can’t believe his good fortune.

“Just finding out how much I have right now that people have contributed has upped my spirits,” said Lamb on Thursday. “I have more hope than I had before because of the help of a lot of good people.”

Lamb was diagnosed with glaucoma three years ago and shortly thereafter the vision in his right eye was completely gone.

Then in late October, the vision in his left rapidly began deteriorating. The former bass player barely could see anymore. He no longer could drive, or tell who was approaching him at his station behind the Leroy’s Race and Sports Book counter at the Carson City Nugget.

After Lamb’s friend Roger Barber opened a medical account for him and a story ran in the Nevada Appeal, people began donating.

Now, Lamb believes he will get enough money to save what vision is left.

Though he quit his job after Super Bowl Sunday and planned to move to Placerville to live with his brother’s family, the outpouring of help has prompted a change in plans.

“I wasn’t going to stay here, but I am going to now for that fact that so many people have helped,” he said. “There are a lot of different people out here that care. I didn’t know that.”

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Donations can be made to the Medical Fund for Don Lamb at any Bank of America branch office.