Door-to-door magazine sales could be scams |

Door-to-door magazine sales could be scams

by William Ferchland
Nevada Appeal News Service

SOUTHLAKETAHOE- With spring comes door-to-door sales people hawking magazines, candy and other wares.

While most of the sales are intended for good causes such as field trips and nonprofit organizations, El Dorado County Assistant District Attorney Hans Uthe said some people drive from out of town to scam people out of their money.

They try to make themselves look like teenagers and try to sell magazine subscriptions or other periodicals with inflated prices.

They often cite a money limit, such as $200, they need to obtain.

The swindlers do their homework, saying they live in the neighborhood and refer to nearby organizations that will receive the funds.

Uthe advised asking the sales people to come back at a later time and to call the organization the funds are supposed to go to for verification. People can also call law enforcement if they have questions about the fundraising.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tom Mezzetta said scammers have crossed the state line into Nevada.

“We just want folks to be aware of the fact that it’s springtime, and, like spiders, these folks are going to be coming out of the woodwork. They’re out there trying to rip people off with these magazine sales,” Mezzetta said.

He cautioned residents about admitting sales people into their homes.

“These kids get suckered into working for them,” he said. “And these companies hire a lot of felons – rapists, killers, robbers – not the kind of people you want in your home.”

Mezzetta said selling door-to-door without a permit is a misdemeanor in Douglas County.

“If you’re fortunate enough to get the magazine, you’ll find that you paid two or three times what you could have gotten it for,” he said.