Douglas County educators plan course of action |

Douglas County educators plan course of action

by Teri Vance

The Douglas County Professional Education Association will meet today to decide what course of action to take to end the recent stand-still in contract negotiations with the school district.

“Over the past several years, relations with the district’s administration have steadily decayed,” said DCPEA President Marty Cronin. “The membership will convene to assess the situation and determine a course of action.”

Teachers are looking for a pay raise, but the district says the funds are not available. The DCPEA contends that the money is there but the district is unwilling to use it for teachers.

“The negotiations between the district and the association have fallen down,” said Maggie Allen, communications liaison for the district and member of the association.

She said the meeting, to be held at 4 p.m. in the CVIC Hall in Minden, will update the association on what is going on. The district will then respond.

The DCPEA has called for an arbitrator to mediate between the two groups. However, the district filed a complaint with the Fair Labor Practice Board, saying the association did not follow proper procedure.

“We have nothing but regressive responses,” Cronin said. “The district has refused to accept mediation and is denying our statutory right to arbitration.”