Douglas residents file complaint over health care lawsuit |

Douglas residents file complaint over health care lawsuit

Staff report

Sunridge residents Dianne Humble and Dave Fournier have filed a complaint with the state against Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto saying her refusal to file suit over health care reform is an abrogation of her duties.

“Ms. Masto is aware that over 58 percent of legal Americans are opposed to the health care bill, yet she refuses to hear the people or our governor’s voices,” Humble, a member of the Indian Hills General Improvement District board, wrote on Wednesday. “She was elected to represent the people and is refusing to do so. Instead Masto is playing politics. I will not vote for her again.”

Humble said Masto was ignoring the people and the good of the state in making her decision not to sue the federal government.

Humble filed the complaint with the Attorney General’s Public Integrity Unit.

She included newspaper articles reporting that Masto’s office had determined that Congress had the power to enact the health care bill.

“In my professional judgment, joining the litigation filed by 14 other states, as you have suggested, is not warranted by existing law at this time,” Masto wrote in a letter to Gov. Jim Gibbons.

Gibbons responded that he wanted a Nevadan involved in the fight against the bill, which President Obama signed last week.

“I want a Nevadan in this fight against this federal intrusion,” Gibbons said. “I will not surrender to this federal assault and I will not succumb to political pressure while the rights of Nevada citizens are trampled.”

A statement issued Tuesday said the governor’s office has been contacted by numerous attorneys who are willing to represent the state without charge.

“Gov. Gibbons and his staff are exploring all options at this time,” the statement said.