Downtown Art Project happening in Carson City on Saturday |

Downtown Art Project happening in Carson City on Saturday

MogelMinded Productions is hosting its first Downtown Art Project, a free event that brings together music, art and charity.

The Downtown Art Project will have live music from local bands — including Casey Reynolds, A-Jay and Sarah Joyner — local tattoo artists to bring together unity and expression through art.

“The whole project is three to four pieces coming together as a collaborative project,” said R.J. Fay, a producer with MogelMinded Productions.

The event will be Saturday starting at 7 p.m. at the Carson Street Mystique Lounge. Patrons must be 21 and up to attend.

In addition to the event, the production company will be hosting a toy drive for attendees to bring to donate to children in need. Fay said they’re excited and want a lot of participation for the toy drive.

“People should really come out and experience a new kind of environment with live artists, and they should just come out to enjoy and have a good time,” Fay said. “It is not just about the music, but a whole collaborative event.”