Downtowner Motel’s former owner sues family that bought property |

Downtowner Motel’s former owner sues family that bought property

Dave Frank
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

A family hopes to take over and sell a downtown motel despite a legal challenge from the current owner.

Frank DiMartino of Carson City said his family bought the 34-room Downtowner Motor Inn through a foreclosure auction Tuesday. But But Ralph Ahmad, the current motel owner, filed a lawsuit that will require the family to evict him before they take over, DiMartino said.

Ahmad defaulted on a $900,000 loan from the DiMartino family. The motel went to the family in the auction because no one bid on it. The opening bid was $750,000.

Ahmad declined to comment on the motel or lawsuit.

Members of the DiMartino family and Ahmad argued when the family went to the 801 N. Carson St. motel Tuesday afternoon to ask him to leave.

Ahmad called police, who told the family they’d have to evict Ahmad if they wanted him to leave.

He has owned the motel since 1998, but does not have a business license to run it. His license was revoked in November for failing to pay room taxes.

Ahmad also lost his license in August this year, but got it back when he paid back taxes. The city shut down the motel in 2005 under Ahmad’s ownership for problems including sewage in living rooms. He reopened in 2007.

Dave Shearer has a business license for the motel. He said once the DiMartinos take over the motel, he plans to work with them to refurbish it.

Motel residents almost had to be moved out Dec. 2 after the electricity was shut off for several hours because of missed utility payments. The city and Shearer had to convince NV Energy to turn it back on.

Ahmad also owes the city about $30,00 in property and water taxes.

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