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Dr. Eugene T. Paslov: Aftermath: What does the election mean?

Dr. Eugene T. Paslov

The election is over. Most of us are overjoyed to see an end to the 24-hour negative ads – the endless character assassinations of people whose motives were honorable but whose positions were distorted and demonized for some greater political purpose.

The role of corporate money was obscene. I hope someday we have enough sense to limit the time candidates can campaign, and use a limited amount of public money to finance campaigns. But this is a topic for another day.

I am pleased that Nevadans had the sense to send Sen. Reid back to the U.S. Senate. We need his impeccable moral character and his extraordinary political skills to help Nevada and the rest of the nation emerge from the economic cesspool into which we have sunk. We are, indeed, making progress; but it’s much too slow to mitigate the pain of unemployment, the loss of one’s home, or the inability to send one’s child to college.

This election was not a referendum on President Obama’s policies. This election was about telling our elected officials (R’s, D’s, and I’s) to work together on solutions to make lives better for all. But I keep hearing that the Republican sweep killed President Obama’s agenda; the R’s still are angry and want everything repealed. I don’t think so. People desperately want affordable health care; people understand the need for regulation of Wall Street and corporate banking to prevent exploitation; and people need good paying, Main Street jobs.

But the Congressional Republicans plan to continue to say “no.” Speaker-elect John Boehner and Minority leader Mitch McConnell say they will only cooperate with the president on their agenda – cutting taxes for the rich, reduce spending for the middle class, privatize the services of government, all of which were tried during President Bush’s eight years.

As my wife says, “the arrogance of ignorance is deadly.” Those policies failed. They failed because these are the desires of corporate Wall Street, not the aspirations of Main Street.

I believe the elections of Karen Abowd and John McKenna to the Board of Supervisors will help the city. Both are excellent candidates, although I would ask Mr. McKenna not to allow his desire for frugality to impede the need for bold vision. Sheriff Furlong will continue to do a good job.

Ron Swirczek and Barbara Myers will be positive additions to the school board. Brian Krolicki is a good man and a good choice. Assemblyman-elect Livermore is an unknown as a legislator, as is Gov.-elect Sandoval as a chief executive. Let’s hope they have visions for the future, not remedies for economic destruction.

Robin Williamson’s loss was a loss for all of us.

• Eugene Paslov is a board member of the Davidson Academy at the University of Nevada, Reno and the former Nevada state superintendent of schools.