Driver shot during car chase |

Driver shot during car chase

Karl Horeis

A man was treated for superficial facial wounds after he was shot at during a car chase on highways 395 and 50 in Carson City on Thursday night. A suspect was stopped a half-hour later at a Dayton gas station.

A bullet passed through the passenger-side window of a blue, early ’80s Buick LeSabre, shattering the glass. The bullet ripped the cover of the passenger-side head rest, and the glass cut the face of the driver. It’s unclear how many shots were fired during the chase.

Neither the victim nor the suspect were identified by authorities.

The victim, a man in his mid-20’s with blood on his shirt, refused to comment.

“I’m not up to it right now,” he said from the curb outside the Albertsons store at 4348 South Carson St.

It’s unclear why he ended up there. Carson City Sheriff’s deputies surrounded the LeSabre, which had Washington plates, with yellow police tape.

Meanwhile, in Dayton, a white van had been surrounded at Dayton Valley Gas and Liquor at 105 East Highway 50. Four Lyon County Sheriff’s cars were parked in the lot while officers investigated.

The owner of the gas station said he recognized the man who was driving the van.

“I know his face very well,” said Hawa Singh Kataria. “He comes into my business every day. He’s a very, very decent guy. He never steals from my business.”

Six Carson City Sheriff’s Department cars responded to the Albertsons store along with a detective, the crime lab and a Carson City Fire Department ambulance.

Shoppers were curious.

“This happens in Carson?” asked one.

“Exciting,” said another.

Lydia Pura of Mound House was disappointed to hear of a shooting.

“This kind of thing is only good on TV,” she said. “In real life, it’s scary.”

The 17-year resident said this area is supposed to have a low crime rate.

“Now I don’t know, maybe a lot of bad guys moved here.”

The incident is under investigation.