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Drug arrest trial delayed for defense preparation

by staff

The trial of a suspected drug dealer will be delayed to allow time for examination of evidence, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Lawyer Bill Rogers said his client, Jaime Hernandez-Robles, 33, needs more time to listen to audio tapes of alleged drug deals and prepare a defense.

“The confidential informant is alleging that this is my client talking on these tapes, but my client may not have even been there,” Rogers said.

Hernandez could face a mandatory life sentence if he is found guilty of the charges.

Tri-Net narcotics agents reportedly found 8 ounces of methamphetamine after two alleged transactions with undercover agents. The deals led to three drug-dealing and and one conspiracy charge.

Eight ounces of methamphetamine is worth about $4,400 on the street.

Prosecutors believe Hernandez-Robles may have been a supplier of out-of-town drugs to Carson City.