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Drunk driver awaits child abuse sentencing

Sheila Gardner
Nevada Appeal News Service

MINDEN – A 28-year-old Indian Hills man was sentenced Wednesday to six months in Douglas County Jail for his second drunk driving offense.

John Tabor is awaiting sentencing in District Court for felony child abuse as a result of the same incident on

May 4.

His 9-year-old son was a passenger in his truck that collided with another vehicle seriously injuring the other driver.

Tabor and his son were uninjured.

His blood-alcohol content was .196, more than twice the legal limit for driving.

The victim submitted a letter to East Fork Justice Jim EnEarl detailing the extent of her injuries and the nightmares she has endured since the accident.

She said she was on her way home from work on Highway 395 south of Gardnerville when she saw Tabor’s vehicle cross the center lane toward her and realized there would be a collision.

She said she steered her vehicle so Tabor would hit the passenger door instead of the driver’s.

She recalled the vehicle rolling and that she had to be extricated.

“At least I am alive,” she wrote, adding, “The thought of Mr. Tabor behind the wheel of a vehicle again scares the living daylights out of me.”

The woman suffered whiplash, a fractured neck and a back injury. She undergoes physical therapy three times a week.

The woman attended the sentencing, but declined to comment.

Prosecutor Tom Gregory said she was in constant pain.

“It’s an effort for her to even be here,” he said.

Tabor apologized.

“I am deeply sorry for what I did,” he said.

“‘Sorry’ doesn’t get it done,” said EnEarl. “You’ve been coming in here for almost a decade on alcohol and drug issues. Now, somebody is hurt.”

“The only thing going for you is that you didn’t kill somebody. That wasn’t your doing. That was God not wanting somebody to die.”

Tabor served 30 days in Douglas County Jail in 2007 after he struck a 3-year-old girl with his pickup truck, slightly injuring the child.

He is ineligible for probation and faces up to five years in Nevada State Prison unless a psychological test determines he is at low risk to reoffend.

Tabor has been in Douglas County Jail since his arrest May 5.

He goes before District Judge Dave Gamble on July 27 for sentencing on felony child abuse or neglect.

“You better figure it out before you kill somebody, including yourself,” EnEarl said. “You’ve known about these issues for years.”