Ducks returning to Ross Gold Park |

Ducks returning to Ross Gold Park

Sandi Hoover
Nevada Appeal
Sandi Hoover/Nevada Appeal

Parents looking for something inexpensive to do with the kids this Labor Day weekend can grab a few slices of bread and head out to Ross Gold Park in south Carson City. The city let the pond dry up last summer because it didn’t have an outlet. Excavation began in early spring to improve the pond’s water quality by bringing fresh water into the pond to replace what is pumped out nightly to run the sprinkler system. The park reopened last month, but not too many of the ducks and geese, which once frequented the pond, have gotten the memo. Londen, 5, left, and her sister Aujanae, 2, tried their best to lure some of the ducks over to them by tossing bread into the water Saturday.