Earthquake jiggles Fallon |

Earthquake jiggles Fallon

Teya Vitu

FALLON – A magnitude 4.8 earthquake jiggled central Churchill County Sunday morning, but no injuries or damage were reported to the Sheriff’s Department.

The epicenter was located about 31 miles east-northeast of Fallon on the west side of the Stillwater Range, according to the University of Nevada Seismological Laboratory.

Six people reported feeling the 10:12 a.m. earthquake to the Sheriff’s Department, but finding people who felt it was a challenge for Lahontan Valley News reporter Steve Lyon.

“I didn’t feel it,” Lyon said.

His boss, editor Anne Pershing, was similarly unaware of the quake.

“I didn’t feel it. I was asleep,” Pershing said.

Lyon did quote Stillwater Road resident George Machado describing a gentle rolling motion for about 15 seconds while he was watching football on television.

“It wasn’t a real severe one but you could feel it,” Machado told the Lahontan Valley News.

The earthquake hit in a seismically active zone that has had three known quakes magnitude 5 or greater on the Richter scale in the past 150 years, seismologists said.