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Election 2012: Carson City Board of Supervisors Ward 2

In Carson City, all local officials run as non-partisan candidates. And unlike their legislative counterparts, Board of Supervisors candidates run for a ward seat but are voted on by all voters in the city, not just residents of their ward.

Occupation: Real estate broker

Email: ElectBradSupervisor@gmail.com

Website: ElectBradSupervisor.com

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Explain your background and how this qualifies you for the position you are seeking.

I have owned businesses in Carson City since 1986 and am currently a commercial real estate broker specializing in industrial sales and leasing as well as land development and entitlement. I understand redevelopment and economic development projects and know exactly what to look for when they come in front of the Board. I am a team leader for the Northern Nevada Development Authority, meaning that I work directly with manufacturers looking to expand or relocate to our region and serve as the liaison between the manufacturer and other team members such as lenders, utilities, contractors, state incentive programs, government agencies that regulate manufacturers as well as others.

I have extensive experience in financial analysis and have spent almost two decades as treasurer or on budget committees for multiple organizations. I’ve served on a strategic planning committee, at a national level, for a trade organization of more than 1.3 million members. As a businessman I know how to balance a budget and keep expenses under control. I am a job creator (both personally and through my work) and I understand that jobs are the foundation of any economic recovery and the key to prosperity for the city.

What are the top three issues facing the city, what should be done to resolve them?

1. Balance the budget and restore Carson City’s cash reserves. We must stop unfunded mandates from the state. The current supervisors recently drafted a letter to the state regarding the subject of unfunded mandates, pointing out that pushing these financial burdens onto the cities and counties is unreasonable and financially crippling. Carson City needs to keep the pressure on the state to stop this devastating practice.

2. Continue bringing businesses to Carson City and creating primary jobs in the manufacturing sector. We have reduced the industrial vacancy rate in Carson City from over 21 percent two years ago to below 9 percent today. Vacant buildings have been filled with new businesses and expansions of existing businesses. These businesses create good-paying jobs, bring our unemployment rates down, allow our citizens to make their mortgage payments and to have discretionary income to shop and support other local businesses. This is how we will work our way out of this recession.

Reducing expenses is critical as well but we are at the point where we would have to reduce services to our citizens to see significant savings. My conversations with voters lead me to believe that the citizens do not want traffic patrols, fire crews or ambulances to take longer to reach their destination, parks to close, or potholes to be left unfilled. We need to grow our economy and that will happen by bringing businesses here….not chasing it away.

3.) Redevelopment of Carson Street and Hwy 50 East. To create a vibrant, successful commercial corridor we need to place the balance of Carson Street and all of Hwy 50 East into redevelopment districts so the city can provide incentives such as infrastructure improvements designed to help and encourage business to locate here, create jobs, and pump money into our local economy. We also need to review our bureaucratic practices and determine which regulations work and which should be revoked to create a streamlined process that makes companies feel welcomed and encourages them to conduct business here.

You can see the theme here. The way forward is through job creation. We need to attract business, make them feel welcome, provide them with the tools to be successful, be their partner in redevelopment and infrastructure improvements and earn our way to prosperity.

Why should voters choose you over the other candidates?

I am running for a four-year position, not running on a single issue or so I can be a naysayer. I have extensive financial and development experience and have decades of real-world experience in creating a successful, profitable enterprise. I will keep an open mind on every issue and project and make informed decisions based on facts and at the appropriate time. Making decisions on development projects prior to completing the due diligence process is not only irresponsible but a sure-fire way to make devastating decisions that will cost the city in the long run. I know where to look in financial statements to find the fat, how to ask the hard questions necessary to get to the real, between-the-lines information, and how to use that information to find solutions to control expenses, refine programs and enhance business development.

Occupation: Retired

Email: dennis@dennisjohnson4supervisor.com


Phone: 841-3825

Explain your background and how this qualifies you for the position you are seeking.

Almost my entire working life has involved rules and regulations at all levels of government. I understand them, how they work and how to work through them.

I’ve worked with property owners, tenants, and small and very large businesses.

I’ve had to work through the many issues related to the impacts of redevelopment projects on those affected by them. I’ve worked with property and business owners as they go through the maze of restrictions, regulations and sometimes unreasonable bureaucratic attitudes.

Critical matters sometimes need harsh, tough decisions. I’ve made those decisions. I’ve learned that listening to all facts before making tough decisions is required.

My view of indifference by City Hall in the past and the lack of direction on the Nugget Project led me and others to circulate a petition telling City Hall to stop and let the people vote on it! If the voters approve a tax increase I will use my experience to ensure that Carson City gets all that they are willing to pay for in the project.

I will continue to look for solutions to the many obstacles forced upon new and existing businesses in Carson City.

What are the top three issues facing the city, what should be done to resolve them?

1. Budget and Budgeting process: A few years ago Carson City turned away from an open budget process for the presentation and discussion of the budgetary issues. The open process was shut down to the point it may meet the fine line requirements of the law, but it severely lacks meeting the intention of the open process. I will work for a return to the full and open budget meetings. I will work to require the department heads to openly state what their proposed wants are and what the actual needs are.

The residents of Carson City will have the opportunity to hear, by department, how their money is being spent.

I will work for a detailed audit of all city operations to fill the gap left by departure of the former internal auditor.

The residents of Carson City have the right to know how their money is being spent. They have the right to know if it’s being spent properly or if it’s being wasted on questionable operations and internal schemes.

2. Arrogance at City Hall: Carson City residents have been told repeatedly that matters are too complex for us to understand. Nonsense! When did they make an effort to find what we could understand?

The residents were told, in so many words to be quite, go home and we’ll talk to you when next election season rolls around.

I’ll do everything I can to get all the residents involved in the business of Carson City again. Carson City’s residents need to feel confident that when they talk to City Hall and the Board of Supervisors that they will be heard.

The Board of Supervisors are all of us, not apart from us.

3) Streamlining the new business process

Many times talking with business owners I have been told how difficult and frustrating it is to open and maintain a business in Carson City. The Northern Nevada Development Authority recently recognized this issue at a meeting. The most common complaint addressed the obstacles lying in wait for a new business.

It’s counterproductive to solicit new businesses while ignoring the obstacles to their operation.

I will work to streamline the process and to consolidate methods and procedures in order to help businesses start up or relocate sooner, hire employees sooner and generate income sooner.

Our Carson City economy depends upon it.

Why should voters choose you over the other candidates?

My background has given me a solid foundation in the operations of a public agency that years of experience can only give and I will be able to hit the ground running. I will begin the running the day after the election.

Being elected to the position requires careful management of public money. I will look closely at those matters which will come before the Board that require spending outside of what would be considered normal operating expenses.

I will adhere to the advice I received from a co-worker when I first went to work at a public agency. I was told, “It’s not your money.” It is the public’s money. I will guard it closely.

I can and will say NO to those issues that are speculative. I will reject proposals to spend public money on questionable and unproven schemes.