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Election 2012: State Assembly District 39

Party: Republican

Occupation: Retired

Email: jim@wheeler4nevada.org

Website: http://www.wheeler4nevada.org


Former CEO of an automotive parts manufacturing firm. Former horse and cattle rancher.

During my business career I learned what it means to make payroll, to formulate and live by a budget, and to make sure the needs of my customers and employees came first. I believe these strengths as well as my business acumen will fold well into the position of State Assemblyman.

I believe in zero-based budgeting with each department justifying their budget and setting their priorities for the welfare of the constituents.

Top 3 issues:

1. Freedom. Our Constitution guarantees the individual freedoms of our citizens. However, with that freedom comes individual responsibility. Currently, our government(s) have eroded those freedoms with regulation and laws and a tax burden designed to help a few, instead of laws (or the lack of laws) to promote the individuality that has made this the greatest state in the greatest nation on earth. It will be my top priority to make sure our freedoms are forefront in our state government.

2. Jobs. Our state suffers from the worst unemployment in the nation. While all sides agree that we need to diversify our job base, we disagree on how this should be done. As a businessman, I know that all businesses look at bottom line profits before making any type of financial investment such as new employees.

As long as we as a government stifle new and existing businesses with regulations and overwhelming fees, we will never be able to diversify our economic base in this state. We must look at all fees and all taxes on businesses in our state and adjust them to a reasonable level in order to promote job growth.

I have a 3-step plan, which I will promote in the Assembly to achieve job and economic growth. You can see it on my Web Page at: http://www.wheeler4nevada.org

3. Jobs Again. Yes, jobs again! When we solve our unemployment problems, we also solve the bankruptcy rates, the foreclosure rates, and any other financial woes; we increase the state’s revenues and tax base; and we increase the buying power of the average citizen, enabling them to create more employment due to demand. Jobs should be at least two of the top three priorities of every Legislator.