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Election letters to the editor

The Nevada Appeal ceased print publication of letters to the editor concerning the election on Oct. 30.

In endorsing Chuck Roberts for Lyon County Commissioner, a review of Mr. Roberts role as a county commissioner for the past 4 years is pertinent.

Chuck has served as commissioner through one of the leanest economic times for Lyon County. With an almost complete collapse of the building market, county revenues have been at best scant, a 1.3 million dollar shortfall from the previous year in 2012 alone. Chuck and the other Lyon County Commissioners have been able to manage the reduced revenues so that we the citizens of Lyon County have not suffered significant cutbacks in vital county services. NO SMALL FEAT. This has been accomplished through department reorganization, prioritizing, and contract negotiations. Chuck has also been the lead commissioner for the construction of the Lyon County justice Complex. To the best of my knowledge the construction is on schedule, and within budget. Chuck Roberts has proven to the a good steward of out tax dollars in very difficult times.

Chuck Roberts opinions have always been well thought out, based on the facts, and with a solid understanding of the county’s legal authority. No one who knows Chuck doubts his intelligence, honesty, and integrity. Without reservation, I believe Chuck Roberts has proven himself as fiscally prudent, thoughtful, and is the man best suited to continue to steer the county through difficult economic times.

Richard Foley

Dayton NV

I early voted for President Obama and it felt so good. I walked through the courthouse and didn’t see one WORM (white, old, racist, male) and felt relieved that most voters appeared to be thoughtful, patriotic Americans who realized that President Obama is an accomplished leader and Americans are better off than they were 4 years ago.

His leadership has kept us safe, rescued the floundering economy in spite of the Bush legacy, we now have a health care system that is compassionate and economically functional, and championed social justice issues. Women, seniors, minorities, military members, youth and middle class folks have benefited. The choice is clear. Obama’s impeccable character and proven competence vs. a serial liar, extremist, vulture capitalist, war mongerer, who would devastatingly divide the country.

I worried that Republicans would convince voters with right wing, racist, rhetoric to dumb the black man in the white house. Recently, an AP poll showed 51 percent of Americans now express explicit anti-black attitudes, compared with 48 percent in a similar 2008 survey. When measured by an implicit racial attitudes test, the number of Americans with anti-black sentiments jumped to 56 percent up from 49 percent during the last presidential election.

However, this is Nevada and we judge our leaders by their character and competence and by skin color. I am sure that Nevada voters will vote with their conscience and not let racist attitudes affect their choice.

John Sesney, Ph.D.

Carson City

We cannot afford Roberts again!

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a letter to the editor about my opposition to Chuck Roberts, Lyon County commissioner. I listed specific examples where Roberts failed the people of Lyon County.

Last week, one of Roberts’ cronies sent a letter to the editor saying how good Roberts was, but there were no examples where I was wrong or what Roberts did for the county. Let me state the main reason we need to get rid of Roberts. Four years of decreasing Lyon County revenues. With a loss last year of over 17 percent from 2011, fact! Is that the biggest county loss in the state of Nevada? Roberts means “No jobs, no revenue, no anything for Lyon County!”

I say again, people of Lyon County: Kick out Roberts, he himself has proven he is incompetent. Please vote for Bob Hastings.

Archie Gayer


I strongly urge Lyon County residents to re-elect Commissioner Chuck Roberts. He has shown himself to be a strong, astute and well-spoken leader while demonstrating the ability to bring all parties and shareholders of an issue to the table. During his tenure, there has also been a noticeable improvement in commissioner-staff relations.

Roberts does not play games and does not appear to have any special agenda, other than to work through issues in an honest and straightforward manner for the best interests of Lyon County. He does his homework!

Aside from ever-changing, baseless allegations against Roberts, it is noteworthy that his opponent received a $10,000 contribution from Comstock Mining. You will find special interest contributions in many candidate filings throughout the state and country, but a $10,000 contribution to one candidate here in Lyon County? It does not take much of an imagination to guess what this man would do if elected when Comstock Mining appears before the commission in the coming year.

Commissioner Roberts is not against mining, but you can trust Commissioner Roberts to make a valued and studied judgment in regards to whatever is brought before him. Can you do the same for a candidate who is the recipient of a $10,000 contribution from Comstock Mining?

Nancy Dallas


Recently, another reader provided us with a recitation of the talking points of the Democratic Party. We need to move past the talking points and focus on some other important issues that face our nation.

Did you notice that after the last debate, Mr. Obama was touting “trust” as an issue which should enter into our decision process when selecting how we will vote? Trust is very important and should be a major factor in the decision process.

On Sept. 11 a terrorist attack was conducted on the Bengasi Consulate in Libya. The evidence is clear that government employees at the White House, State Department, the Pentagon and other military locations were informed within hours of the start of that attack. Mr. Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney and Susan Rice lied to every American citizen who listened. Why did they say this was mob action that was in reaction to an anti-Islam film?

Four Americans died that night. I am certain that these four people trusted Mr. Obama and his administration to do all they could to keep them safe. That trust didn’t work out very well. Why did they lie to us about this attack?

What other lies have they told us? Why are the media ignoring this story?

TRUST? Not a chance with this administration!

Ron Stevens


Michon Mackedon candidate for the University of Nevada Board of Regents would bring a rich background of qualifications to the office.

Michon is a graduate of Churchill High School and received her bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Nevada, Reno. She was a recipient of the prestigious Hertz Gold Medal upon completing her bachelors degree. She spent 28 years serving as an outstanding professor of English and Humanities at Western Nevada College in Fallon. She was named instructor of the year, faculty member of the year and Fallon AAUW woman of the year.

Michon served on the Nevada Commission on Nuclear Projects for 22 years and has recently been reappointed by Gov. Sandoval for another term. She was a member and chair of Nevada Humanities, wrote an award winning book and served as editor of the journal for the Churchill County Museum Association.

Her love and dedication to higher education manifested themselves in her decision to run for the Board of Regents. Her many years teaching in the community college system provides her with a deep knowledge and understanding of the challenges that face higher education. She will be a valuable asset on the board, for she has had first hand experience and will be a strong voice for higher education representing the rural counties.

It is because of her distinguished qualifications that we join many other Nevadans in supporting Michon Mackedon for University of Nevada Board of Regents.

Kirk and Mary Kay Kinne

Carson City

Listening to the hacks on Faux News lie about Obama and Hurricane Sandy. FEMA’s not perfect, they could be doing more, much more, agreed. Now big name Republicans are turning on their brother, Governor Chris Christie for cooperating with Obama to bring more disaster relief to New Jersey. This is how low the Right has sunk, attacking one of their own for doing his elected job. They’re more concerned about a Republican show of cooperation with Obama than to see that thousands of hurricane victims receive the emergency help they desperately need. It’s a shame to see Republicans giving each other hell for cooperating with Democrats across the aisle to get desperately needed help to the hurricane victims, putting politics over people, but its not at all surprising. Reminds us of a piranha how they viciously turn on their own.

We remember when Katrina hit the predominately Black deep south in 2005, Bush didn’t lift a finger until the whole country was outraged. Its a pitiful testament to our country to see the amount of disaster relief depends on the racial demographics of those hit.

Robin Christy

Carson City