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Enchanted dance for seniors and senior seniors


As senior class president, Allie Williams hopes this year’s prom will be nothing short of magical.

With the theme “Happily Ever After,” she is working with other members of the prom committee to construct castles and pillars and a fountain for Saturday’s big dance.

“‘Happily Ever After’ is like us graduating and moving on,” she said. “It’s my goal to make it the most fun and the best-decorated prom so it doesn’t look like our gym.”

For senior citizens, the enchantment begins early with a Senior Senior Prom tonight at 6. Students will open the gym for seniors to get their groove on.

“I think it’s a great deal,” said Mark Johnson, science teacher and senior class adviser. “It gives them a nice, formal night out.”

For Dave Rikalo, 15, the prom will have a fairy-tale ending. He has spent the week helping to hang the gauzy, blue-and-white fabric and constructing castles. For his efforts, he is being rewarded with the opportunity to attend senior prom as a freshman.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun,” he said. “The decorations are really coming together nicely. I love it.”

Sebastian Musielaki, 17, isn’t sure whether the prom will signal “Happily Ever After” for Carson High School’s seniors, but he is sure of one thing.

“It’s the end,” he said. “It’s the last big thing before graduation.”

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