Eugene Paslov: ‘What do I do? The baby’s coming!’ |

Eugene Paslov: ‘What do I do? The baby’s coming!’

Eugene Paslov
For the Nevada Appeal

My son, Joe Paslov (Jody), is an accomplished professional comedic actor. Notwithstanding his parent’s high level of “objective praise,” area audiences consistently enjoy his performances and are enthusiastic advocates of the joy and humor he brings into their lives when he’s on stage. Unfortunately, Joe has not been able to make a living as an actor, doing what he loves, and has had to do other work to make ends meet – waiter, retail salesman and teacher of acting from time to time. He is currently unemployed.

Joe and his wife, Kyla, have a 2-year-old daughter, Adeline. Kyla wanted their second child to be born at home, with her husband, child, mother, sisters and midwife in attendance. She had taken all the necessary precautions and felt strongly about the healthy benefits of natural childbirth. The midwife and her assistant were well qualified and, in case of an emergency, she would have gotten Kyla and her baby to the local hospital.

The afternoon of Dec. 10, Kyla’s family and our family were all attending Adele’s wonderful Christmas celebration along with a Santa Claus visit. The baby was due on the 13th, and I suggested Joe and I take in a movie after the festivities at Adele’s. Wrong. Kyla was having some labor pains. She, Joe, and Adeline all went home. Perhaps the movie wasn’t such a good idea.

What happened that afternoon was wondrous – a tinge of panic, a magical, glorious few minutes. The baby was born. No midwife, no other support family, just Joe, Adeline, and Kyla together in anxious communion. Joe was on the phone with the midwife, a tinge of anxiety in his voice, “What do I do? The baby is coming!” The midwife said calmly over the phone, “Catch the baby.” He caught the child; he followed directions to make certain the baby was breathing. Two-year-old Adeline was patiently telling her father, “Daddy, relax, breathe deeply” – her mother’s charge to her when she misbehaves. She obviously now thought it was good advice. Within a short time, the midwife, Kyla’s mother and two sisters arrived and everything was under control. Mother and an 8-pound baby girl were both healthy and well. And when the newborn baby was in her mother’s arms, Adeline promptly read her favorite book to her.

Joe, our son the actor, had been a successful participant in the miracle of life. Kyla was the main actor, and she certainly deserves kudos. But Joe and Adeline were key players. They too are heroes. All deserve our praise.

Welcome to our new granddaughter, Elodie Lynn Paslov, a magical child. The world is yours “to catch.”

Eugene T. Paslov, Papa

Susan Paslov, Nana

• Eugene T. Paslov is a board member of the Davidson Academy at the University of Nevada, Reno, and the former Nevada state superintendent of schools.