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Evergreen Gene’s plant display wins approval

John Barrette

Carson City’s Planning Commission voted 5-2 Wednesday to approve a special use permit for the Carson Shopping Center to revise Evergreen Gene’s outside plant displays.

The decision, which was opposed by commissioners Walt Owens and Mark Kimbrough, had been termed a compromise by Mike Suglia, attorney speaking for that business and the center’s plan.

“There are a lot of safety concerns,” said Suglia, “and I think we’ve got them all resolved now.” He said part of the compromise “eliminates (potential) contact between pedestrians and vehicles.”

The permit earlier was approved based on staff recommendations, but the conditions in that version were opposed by the business and the decision was sent on to the Board of Supervisors on appeal. The board sent it back to the commission, urging that planning staff work out something with the center at 1803-1821 N. Carson St. The final permit Wednesday was the result.

Kimbrough, however, said Evergreen Gene’s had yet to change the set up and he expressed concern about lowered standards.

“I hate seeing this community lower the bar,” he said.

Owens raised questions about access for trucks unloading in the parking area.

Also on hand to testify was Michael Ford of Nevada Gun Exchange, another business in the center, who took issue with Evergreen Gene’s taking up parking that should be available for center customers. Staff told him there originally were 47 spaces and, when the lot is re-striped and changed by the center plan, there will be 47 spaces.

The commission also approved a special use permit for the state’s Public Works Division to build a loading dock on the south side of the Nevada State Museum and old Mint at North Carson and Robinson streets. Also allowed there would be a storage area.