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Everyone should a benefit from business study, pundit believes

Becky Bosshart
Appeal Staff Writer

A broad economic report released Wednesday, focusing on attracting high-paying businesses, will bring good news to Carson City, a spokesman said.

“Everybody is going to benefit from this,” said Chuck Alvey, president and chief executive officer of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada. “The good things that happen from this are going to be of great benefit to Carson City residents.”

The economic report, Target2010, is an action plan to attract, expand and start up key industries that will bring high-paying jobs and opportunities to the region.

To do that, local leaders will set up programs to teach young entrepreneurs how to break into the market. Entrepreneurship will also be given as much attention as recruitment and retention, according to the report.

Target2010 reiterates many of the same points as another economic report released late last month coordinated by the same consultant, Angelou Economics, of Austin, Texas. Northern NVision was a collaboration between the seven rural Northern Nevada counties.

The two reports both say that Northern Nevada needs to promote its self-starters and retain workers under the age of 45 to maintain prosperity.

Alvey said the two reports have many similar points, which will help create a partnership that will cause the counties to work together for economic expansion.

“So a branding for Northern Nevada will come out of this. Branding is creating a geographic identity for the region as a business place and that includes advertising, public relations and general marketing.”

Development authority leaders plan to meet next week to discuss similarities between the plans and how they can be implemented. That will include launching advertising campaigns to attract younger workers and even blanketing the region with wireless Internet.

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