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Evidence gathered from Jackson home

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES – Investigators on Monday retrieved medications from the rented mansion where pop star Michael Jackson was fatally stricken last week, a coroner’s official said.

Two coroner’s investigators and two police detectives spent several hours inside the three-story estate home and then emerged with two large red bags filled with evidence.

The coroner’s office performed an autopsy on the 50-year-old entertainer’s body on Friday but deferred a decision on the cause of death, citing the need for further tests. A second, private autopsy was being performed Monday, according to Jackson’s father, Joe.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told reporters outside the home that authorities returned to the home to gather additional items, which he identified as “some medications.”

Winter cited “information that was obtained by the Los Angeles Police Department along with some questions we had involving some of the medications,” but he did not elaborate.

He would not say what type of medications were picked up. He also did not say how much medication there was or where in the home it was found.

The investigation will possibly continue for another four or five weeks, “with extensive testing,” he said.

Winter said Jackson’s family was being “extremely cooperative.”

Jackson was pronounced dead Thursday at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he was taken by paramedics after a personal physician attempted to revive him.