Expert consulted in missing mom case |

Expert consulted in missing mom case

F.T. Norton

With no new leads in the case of a Carson City missing mother, and the man suspected of knowing her whereabouts not talking, detectives and the district attorney’s office have shifted their investigation to try to prove the married mother of three met with foul play.

“We’re consulting with forensic experts involving blood-pattern evidence,” said District Attorney Noel Waters.

Bertha Anguiano, 33, was last seen Nov. 10 about 8 a.m. dropping off her 6-year-old son at Empire Elementary School.

Her youngest son, 3-year-old Andrew, was found 90 minutes later bloodied and abandoned 15 miles from home.

He told police he witnessed his mother’s killing at the hands of her alleged lover, Israel “Juan Carlos” Tellez.

A forensic test revealed the blood found on Andrew’s clothing possibly belonged to Anguiano.

When approached by police in Salt Lake City, Tellez allegedly pulled a gun on officers.

He is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail on charges of aggravated assault.

Forensic testing of Tellez’s truck found blood that may also belong to Anguiano.

Other evidence investigators have gathered is being held from the public, Sheriff Kenny Furlong said.

“We’re trying to preserve the integrity of the investigation. This will be a very difficult task for the district attorney’s office, and as a result of that, we want to maintain the most positive investigation we can. At that point Waters will make a determination of what type of information is releasable.”

In at least two interviews with investigators, Tellez has denied any involvement in Anguiano’s disappearance.

Waters said members of his office last week met with a blood-pattern expert in Reno to discuss the case, but they haven’t secured an expert for the investigation. He said his office is working closely with Carson City Sheriff’s detectives to review the evidence.