Faith & Insight: A teen pregnancy parable |

Faith & Insight: A teen pregnancy parable

Mark Cyr

Katy had visited the church youth programs off and on for a few years. She had moved in down the street from the church a couple years ago and had first come to a Summer Youth Bible program. Although a little shy, she always had a lot of fun and participated well. Her visits were sporadic and she had never registered with the youth programs, but all of the church kids knew her and many of the adults.

When Katy found out she was pregnant she was 16, really scared, and didn’t know what to do. She hesitantly confided in a couple of the young girls at the church and the rumor weed went around swiftly.

She was sitting in the bathroom stall one day when a couple other girls came in talking and giggling about Katy. They were trying to guess who the father was and had a lengthy list of potentials.

Katy quietly left that day crying and wishing she had never been there before.

When the pastor found out about Katy’s “condition,” he figured that since Katy was never officially part of the church it was none of his business. He was newly hired and had a lot on his plate. He rationalized that he was too busy with the few people he had that were members to worry about the ones that just visited a few times, and besides, this was a busy season and, well, you know …

At school the next day, Katy’s feelings of despair did not go unnoticed by her art teacher, an outspoken atheist, who asked Katy to stay after class and when asked if she was OK, Katy broke down and told her teacher about her pregnancy.

Her teacher took Katy to a doctor friend for a prenatal physical and then, after several hours of coffee and encouragement at the local coffee shop, the teacher drove Katy home and sat with her as Katy told her mom and dad about her pregnancy.

Which of these three, the church girls, the pastor, or the atheist school teacher, do you think was a neighbor to Katy? Now go, and do likewise! (Luke 10:25-37).

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