Faith & Insight: Blessings found in God, not government |

Faith & Insight: Blessings found in God, not government

Jim Moore
For the Nevada Appeal

Today, we hear about long-term stable companies closing, laying off employees, or providing cutbacks in a variety of ways. And, if not careful we could easily become overwhelmed or disillusioned with our economic condition.

Yet, as a Christian, I must rely upon the truth of God’s Word and accept that there’s an even greater possibility for us waiting around the corner. However, it is not found in a new job, by moving to a different location, or in any stimulus package the government is planning to provide. Instead, we will gain most from having a deep, personal relationship with our heavenly Father.

Ephesians Chapter 1:3 in the Bible says, “Blessed is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us …”

This tells me first, that there is a God that is blessed, and secondly, that we are too. Yet, why do we tend to live a life that doesn’t reflect His everlasting blessings? Maybe, because we have not grabbed a hold of everything that God has for us.

Let me explain. Ephesians versus 4-7 tells us that He chose us; adopted us; freely has given us grace; and in verse 7 we read, “In Him we have redemption through His blood.” These scriptures definitely speak of a relationship, but what does the word redemption mean?

Webster’s definition is, to get or win back; to free from captivity; and/or to change for the better. In other words, in Christ we can be changed for the better if we are “In Him.” This means to have a relationship where we share in His understanding, His purpose, His power, His character, and His timing. And, if we continue to read His word while growing in relationship with Him, then we will find our inheritance and know that all things are placed under His control.

Read Ephesians chapter 1 for yourself, but also pray this prayer: “Lord, I want to know you and the very desires of your heart. Forgive me of my wrongdoings and come into my life. I want to know You ” like You know me. Amen.”

– Jim Moore is a member of the Dayton Ministerial Fellowship.