Faith & Insight: God’s light is holiday’s brightest |

Faith & Insight: God’s light is holiday’s brightest

Bill McCord
For the Nevada Appeal

This Sunday, we of the Christian faith celebrate the birth of Jesus whom we call the Christ, the son of God. Jesus’ birth is and will continue to be a life-changing event.

The commercialization in recent decades has caused for many the misunderstanding of His presence in the world.

In His words and deeds, He demonstrated God’s love for all people, especially the least and lost among us. And He gave, through the Disciples, the responsibility of all of us to do as He did, to make it a just and peaceful world for all.

We, perhaps, are living in a time when we see the difficulties of many people with little hope for the future. We are living at a time when we see the generous nature of Jesus as a call for us to do likewise.

Let us not let the bright lights of ornaments blind us from the light of God, Jesus the Christ.

May it be, for you and your loved ones, a Merry Christmas.

• Bill McCord is a retired United Methodist pastor