Faith & Insight: Let the Lord arise |

Faith & Insight: Let the Lord arise

Barbara Jones

Jesus has risen is what is celebrated on what many call Resurrection Day instead of Easter, after his dying on the cross the previous Friday. In various appearances after his resurrection he said to his followers, “Peace be with you.” He also gave instruction to receive the Holy Spirit, who’s the comforter and the spirit of truth. He gives the Holy Spirit to his believers today. Also he gives hope and a future. The “Risen” movie is out now in theaters. Also, “The Young Messiah” opened last Friday in theaters. “Miracles from Heaven” also opened March 16.

In a day when we need hope and peace, he’s the real source of lasting hope and peace.

Around Carson City you will see hope signs on some of the churches. Stop in and learn what our hope is all about. The My Hope outreach of the Billy Graham Association focused on Carson in November. If you didn’t get videos, you may obtain them on its website for $1 each. One free was being given for free. One of the videos called “Heaven” has the testimony from a woman in Carson whose father was murdered.

Now we have the opportunity of a lifetime to be with Franklin Graham, Billy’s son, here in Carson on Wednesday, March 30 from noon to 1 p.m. on the Capital Grounds in front of the Supreme Court. Everyone is invited to come.

Franklin has headed Samaritan’s Purse, sending disaster relief teams to hard hit parts of the world. He sends Christmas boxes people make up for children all over the world, numbering in the millions. I have seen pictures of camels carrying the boxes to remote areas. He, of course, is a speaker and now heads the Billy Graham Association for his father. He recently spoke with the head of Russia, Mr. Putin, and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. He knows our country is in trouble. Don’t you? When have you been in a meeting or heard from such a great leader? He’s coming to help us.

March 30 is a critical, prophetic, and historic day for our capital city. Don’t miss it. Please take a long lunch and bring children, as I believe they are on vacation from school.

Let the Lord arise in your spirit, heart, ears, eyes, and mind, and let the Lord arise in Carson City and our nation. Amen.

Barbara Jones is the Nevada state prayer leader for National Governors’ Prayer Team and Cry Out America and Awakening America.