Faith & Insight: Parental wisdom to live by |

Faith & Insight: Parental wisdom to live by

Louis Locke

This last June on Father’s Day, I brought a message to the congregation I pastor entitled “Father’s Day Thoughts.” After talking about Bible verses that give us wisdom to help us be good fathers, I asked the congregation for thoughts on fathering grown children. This is when it really got good.

Following are some of their comments:

Tell them you love them, often

Continue to pray for them

Provide guidance and advice, when asked

Always speak the truth

Make opportunity to spend time together

Respect who they are and who they have become

Patience, patience, patience

Live the truth

Be a person of grace, and more grace

Be a “soft place to land”

Listen when talking, turn off TV/phone/etc.

Don’t forget to say you are sorry

Continue to walk with and grow in the Lord/Be a living example

Encourage often

Influence unto Christlikeness by example

Be supportive

Be available to help when needed

Love, acceptance and forgiveness

Good advice … life-experience advice. Thank you, congregation, for living it and loving your kids, at all ages.

I pray their thoughts are helpful and encouraging to you.

Louis J. Locke is pastor of Fountainhead Foursquare Church,