Faith & Insight: Seeking guidance to make right decisions |

Faith & Insight: Seeking guidance to make right decisions

Barbara Jones

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision is a scripture that came to my mind before writing this.

Though it’s not talking about what topics I’m writing on, it did speak some things to me for relaying to you.

There are many needing to make decisions now. Are you one or do you know people who need help in making them? Hopefully this will give some guidance.

The best guidance comes from the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible. Make requests to the Lord in prayer. Anyone who doesn’t know him can make the decision to get to know him. That is my best source of help. I do ask other people who know more than me about something I’m trying to make a decision about.

An example right now are voting decisions. A good non-partisan voting guide is being distributed to many of our churches. It gives issues and candidate stands on them. If you can’t get one there, online sources have them. Please, Christians especially, vote.

There’s an informative presentation available through the Nevada DUI Task Force on the marijuana issue which we will be voting on. All of the information I have gotten has helped me to say NO and helps me give information to others.

Whatever decisions, you have, life issues, additions, job, family, education, relations, there’s always hope and guidance if you seek it to make the right choice.

The new Decision video is available and I believe you can get one free copy on the Billy Graham Association website. Their Decision magazine might also be helpful. They have an issue on the elections as well which might be helpful to you or others.

Multitudes are making the most important decision to ask Jesus into their lives. If you haven’t, I pray this is the time for you. He loves you.

May your decisions be right ones.

Barbara Jones is the Nevada state prayer leader for National Governors’ Prayer Team and Cry Out America/Awakening America.