Faith & Insight: The Legend of the X-Mas Treasure |

Faith & Insight: The Legend of the X-Mas Treasure

Pat Propster For the Nevada Appeal

Excerpt from “The Legend of the X-Mas Treasure” by Pastor Patrick Propster:Long years agoIn lands far awayOn a maiden journeyHer precious cargo was yearning Very few knew of this Treasure, very few indeedThrough centuries of timeCame stories and tales of kingsThough when revealed, few believed Year after year was the passingThe stars twinkled brightly at nightAs if they were but winkingAbout something merely just hidden from sight This ship came to dock one eveningIn a harbor all of its ownIt came there for all’s receivingAny life to call It their own Dark, cold, wet and lonelyT’was a still night, a place now homeWith every glance of the onlookerA glorious Treasure to see could be their own The few who knew of this TreasureSet heart and life to flightTo see where this Treasure laid restingHidden there, in plain sight They traveled a very great distanceBearing gifts to bring of their ownUsing only stars to guide themThey traveled so far from their home They knew the Treasure would be found thereThe 39 clues gave the wayFound in the map of the ancientsFor those who would be guided by its way The map is most peculiarTypical it is not Drawn with compass and measuringsBut with words by those who knew naught They did know the Treasure’s PossessorAnd were able to hear His voiceThough were not always able to see HimThey knew He was of great choice They trained their ears to hear HimAnd scripted all He spokeFor they knew one day in the futureOthers would be led by what they wrote Though this Treasure for them could not be handledHis words brought healing and hopeFor all those who would live by themAnd everything that He spoke Days before their arrivalOthers were given a clueA clue to seek this same TreasureHidden right there, in plain view The legend on the map gave His whereaboutsThrough various signs and clues39 of them in the ancients27 are known as the new Now this Treasure is a unique oneFor centuries causing the earth to groanAlways right there for the receivingA new life eternally known To uncover this precious buried TreasureHidden right there, in plain sightShovels will not be neededBut one who seeks to live by what is right Jesus Christ, He is our TreasureMerry Christmas!• Pat Propster is the pastor of Calvary Chapel of Carson City.