Faith & Insight: Those right with God are not easily offended |

Faith & Insight: Those right with God are not easily offended

Ben Fleming
For the Nevada Appeal

Mark 6:3 “And they took offense at him.”

Have you ever taken offense at someone? Do you know people who have been offended by you?

The people in Nazareth took offense at Jesus because of what he was teaching and because of who he claimed to be. Jesus was not in the wrong because he offended them. He was telling the truth.

We get offended by what people say. We get offended by their opinions and their criticisms. We get offended by how people speak to us or even how they do not speak to us. I am sure that I have offended people but unless someone speaks to me and lets me know that they are offended, there is really nothing I can do.

Recently, I spoke to someone who I knew was offended, I attempted to make right the wrongs, I asked forgiveness again and again, but there was no progress.

When we are offended, it really says nothing about the other person. Our being offended says everything about us and who we are and what is going on inside of us. If we are offended by someone, we must examine our hearts.

If you are offended easily, it is because your heart is not in tune with God and His Word.

Let us be soaked in God’s Word and let us find our joy in obeying His Word – especially when it comes to our relationships with one another.

• Ben Fleming is the pastor of Silver Hills Community Church