Faith & Insight: Tis the season for … |

Faith & Insight: Tis the season for …

Charlie Colleton

The tree is bought and the lights glow at night. Presents being wrapped with a knot and bow, nice and tight. We take a step back, and what we see makes us truly believe. “Well done,” we say to ourselves, “Santa has got himself a few more elves.”

Then perhaps things take a turn. The tree goes dry and the lights dim as they’re about to die. Or the children get into the gifts and now we’re left in a fit. All that we thought was sure to bring about joy, has quickly turned into ruckus, oh boy!

Now as we sit, and think about how things went awry, we hear a voice speak to us about the possibilities of why.

“Come listen to my voice, for it is, an innocent little babe, which causes us to rejoice. Born of a virgin mother, He came to bring peace, and the joy that you seek. Adorn Him, and He will not cease, this precious baby boy, to fill you with true wonder, it will no longer be mystique.”

The frustration and flutter all slip away, as we begin to truly realize what it is about this day. A Savior was born to bring about promises, so we no longer were scorn. Now as we look at this clutter, we truly can say that despite the mess that’s displayed, there’s a feeling deep down inside, something of joy, perhaps even pride. King Jesus is alive for you and I, let us stand and sing, echoing the praises that will ring. Remember he’s not the king of stress, even when we feel like we’re all but a hot mess.

Tis the season for, peace, joy, love, and so much more. Gather near to family and those who are dear. Tell them all of the news you’ve heard, the more the merrier, conferred the Lord.

Charlie Colleton is college/youth ministries director at Calvary Chapel Carson City,