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Father gets prison in meth case

by F.T. Norton
Appeal Staff Writer

A Carson City father was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for manufacturing methamphetamine in an apartment he shared with his 9-year-old daughter.

Judge Bill Maddox sentenced Dennis George Folliott Jr., 35, to 48 to 120 months in prison with credit for 65 days time served.

Folliott pleaded guilty Dec. 20 to trafficking in drugs.

According to court documents, when Folliott was arrested Nov. 13 with at least 14 grams of methamphetamine and marijuana on him, he told authorities his daughter was alone at his Menlo Drive apartment.

A deputy found the girl asleep in a bedroom and numerous containers of liquids used in the making of methamphetamine.

“What you have here is an individual manufacturing methamphetamine. He’s got a 9-year-old girl at home alone. He’s profiting off the demise of other people and his own,” said Chief Deputy District Attorney Anne Langer.

Folliott said he was trying to get help for a drug addiction when he was arrested. He denied manufacturing drugs in the apartment.

“It’s hard to believe you had your daughter in that house,” Maddox said.

“I need help,” Folliott, a four-time convicted felon, said. “I don’t need to be sent to prison for the rest of my life.”

“The fact that you had your 9-year-old daughter in that house – I think you need time to think about that,” the judge said.

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In another case, Bernabe Rivas, 22, a Mexican national who came here with his family when he was 5, was allowed to have his charge of trafficking deferred to drug court, despite Langer’s protests.

In drug court, if Rivas completes all requirements, the charge will not go on his record. Felons are not allowed to become U.S. citizens or enter the country legally, his attorney noted, adding Rivas is the father of two small girls born in the United States.

Maddox took the children into consideration when agreeing on the court change.

“If he gets convicted of this then he’s getting deported. His children are American citizens who will have to spend their life in Mexico,” Maddox said.

“I’m always intrigued by the fact that people come in here and ask me to have more concern for their family than they did,” he noted moments later.

Also sentenced in Maddox’s courtroom on Tuesday:

• James Terrance Brewer, 42, received three years probation in lieu of 12 to 30 months in prison for failing to register as a sex offender. When he is released from jail, he will be extradited to Clark County to face a similar charge.

• Glenna Lee Cable, 32, received three years probation in lieu of 12 to 30 months in prison for failure to support a child. She was also ordered to pay back child support of $22,338.

• Sergio Alexander Martinez, 19, received three years probation in lieu of 12 to 30 months in prison for using false identification to avoid prosecution. He is currently serving 148 days in the Douglas County Jail for violating his probation on a second-offense drunken driving charge.

“You’re awful young to be in jail as much as you have. Do you like it there?” Maddox asked.

“Heck no, sir,” Martinez replied.

Two others entered pleas on Tuesday.

Taylor Reynolds, 37, entered a not-guilty plea to a charge of battery with substantial bodily harm. He allegedly fought with a man at Bully’s bar on Oct. 2, leaving his opponent with head injuries and broken teeth. A trial was set for March 6, though defense attorney Ben Walker said the case would likely be resolved before trial.

Wendy Thackston, 37, pleaded guilty to attempted theft of property. She allegedly wrote several checks to herself on another person’s account between May 10 and July 7. She was released on her own recognizance.

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