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Feetwarmers play C Hill climb despite car trouble

Karl Horeis

On his way to the C Hill climb Saturday to perform old-time jazz with his band the Carson Feetwarmers, banjo player Chris Bayer broke an axle.

“I was going through a dip, and the ball joint came apart,” he said.

His car was totally immobilized.

“There it sat. It wouldn’t move 6 inches.

While climbers started up the hill and the rest of the band waited for him Bayer waited for a tow truck. And after the folks at Les Schwab did there thing to it, his car is back on the road.

“On hundred and fifty dollars later, it runs better than ever,” he said.

He finally made it to the hill climb, and the group performed some of their classic jazz for exhausted, exhilarated, dusty climbers. They played until the wind came up and blew over their shade structure. What a day for the Feetwarmers!

They are looking for a regular coffee house gig.

“We’re interested in doing a weekly gig where we could invite people to join us and play some Dixieland, but we really haven’t found one yet,” said Bayer.

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Another member of the Feetwarmers — saxophonist Danny Greco — has been playing Friday and Saturday nights from 7-10 at Devincenzi’s, the new Italian joint under the St. Charles Hotel at the corner of Third and Carson streets.

“He’s knows a lot about those old standards,” said co-owner Rick Miller, who runs the restaurant with his wife, Lisa. “Somebody will mention the name of a song that I’ve never heard of, and he’ll pull it out of the back of his head and just belt it out.”

Miller said he plays and sings a lot of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Dean Martin.

“He definitely has the lungs to blow a mean sax,” Miller said.

Devincenzi’s, by the way, is one of few places in town to enjoy a meal or beverage outside on the patio during these last days of summer. Give them a call for details at 883-8900.

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The Valley Cruisers’ Main Street Classic started with dance sponsored by Sharkey’s Casino on Wednesday. The event runs all weekend, according to organizer and club member Gary Lombardi.

“Friday, we hang out and check in on Esmeralda Avenue at Minden Park,” he said. The band Rush Hour will play live music for a street dance from about 6 to 10 p.m. The barbecue will get smokin’ at around 5 p.m. Saturday starts with the mandatory breakfast from 7-10 a.m. The show and shine then runs until 4 p.m. Deejay service Time Warp will provide the soundtrack. Judging by members of the cruisers will happen from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.. The action wraps up Saturday around 4 p.m. but gets under way again with breakfast in Lampe Park on Sunday. Then there’s the poker run, the stops for which have not been released.

“They’re secret,” said Lombardi.

He said the weather should be drier than the rainy Silver Dollar Car Classic.

“It looks like it’s going to be good — probably 90 degrees, from what I’ve read in the paper,” he said.

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