First lady presents mansion documentary to middle schoolers |

First lady presents mansion documentary to middle schoolers


Dema Guinn asked Eagle Valley Middle School eighth-graders if they knew what her responsibilities were as first lady.

Thirteen-year-old Amanda Nelson was the first to raise her hand.

“Feeding your husband,” she answered.

Guinn laughed and agreed. But her business at the school was more official.

She visited the school Tuesday, along with KNPB Channel 5, to present a documentary of the history of the Governor’s Mansion.

“It will help students understand the importance of our history,” she said. “That’s what makes Nevada what it is today.”

The documentary was produced as part of KNPB’s ArtBeat series with host Betsy Dickinson.

The DVD presented to the middle school contains the “Nevada’s Mansion” episode along with an interview with Guinn and former first ladies. It also features educational materials such as quizzes.

“It’s really a neat resource,” said science teacher Eric Anderson, who worked with fellow science teacher Chris Whitcome to bring the DVD to the school. “I think it will be a success.”

The DVD will be presented to 600 schools across Nevada.

Guinn shared some general facts about the mansion: It is approximately 18,000 square feet and sits on 1.7 acres.

And she shared the ghoulish.

“One of the rooms is haunted,” she said. “Ghosts live in there. I haven’t seen them but I’ve heard them.”

Guinn also opened up time for the students to ask questions. She responded that she had met President Bush and that, “Yes,” the man outside the classroom was her bodyguard.

“I thought it was very generous,” said Kayleigh Robinson, 13. “It’s not every day the governor’s wife comes into your classroom and just answers questions.”

Scott Dunning, 13, was also impressed.

“It was cool,” he said. “She’s like the governor’s wife.”

And Nelson was eager to see the program.

“I like the government stuff,” she said. “It’s important to me. I think a lot of students are interested in it.”