First-of-its-kind, naturally dissolving heart stent now available in Northern Nevada |

First-of-its-kind, naturally dissolving heart stent now available in Northern Nevada

Carson Tahoe Health

Patients receiving treatment for coronary artery disease (CAD) in Northern Nevada now have a new care option: Absorb a bioresorbable vascular support structure which literally disappears over time. The device opens clogged arties to restore blood flow, aids in keeping the artery open, and then gradually dissolves in the body, reducing the risk of future blockages that may occur with traditional metal stents.

Michelle Joy, chief operating officer of Carson Tahoe Health, recently announced that Carson Tahoe is the first in Northern Nevada to offer its qualifying patients state-of-the-art Absorb technology, the only FDA-approved, naturally dissolving heart stent.

“Absorb is a game-changing therapy for coronary artery disease,” said Joy. “This innovative technology provides the ability to repair a patient’s artery comparable to conventional drug alluding stents, while reducing long-term complications. The Absorb method encourages healing while promoting and supporting the natural functions of the heart.”

The revolutionary Absorb bioresorbable vascular scaffold is a significant advancement in the treatment of CAD, which affects 15 million Americans and remains the leading cause of death worldwide.

Traditionally, metal stents have served as permanent implants, and been a patient’s only treatment option. Absorb is made of naturally dissolving materials, similar to dissolving sutures. Like metallic drug-eluding stents, Absorb opens and treats a patient’s blocked artery, but then fully dissolves after about three years, leaving no metal behind. The restored artery can flex and pulse naturally, promoting proper healing and reducing the risk of future blockages. Absorb can also make it easier for doctors to perform additional interventions in the case of another cardiac event.

“We are very excited to be the first ones to offer this leading-edge Absorb therapy — one of the world’s most advanced cardiac treatments — in Northern Nevada” added Joy.

Advanced cardiac technologies and treatments, including traditional metal stents, drug-alluding stents, and open-heart surgery are also offered through Carson Tahoe Health. The excitement surrounding this new technology is that while certain complex and hardened blockages may be better served by regular metallic stents, Absorb has been proven to be profoundly beneficial for patients experiencing their first CAD presentation. Though this may only be available for approximately 25 percent of coronary artery patients, for those who qualify, this procedure can be life-changing.

Patients with CAD should consult their cardiologist to discuss the best treatment option based on their unique needs.

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