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Flood warning issued for Carson City

Sandi Hoover

Officials are warning residents that storms in the next week will likely cause flooding that could equal the flood of 1996-97.

Carson City Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director Stacey Giomi told the board of supervisors Thursday that the National Weather Service in Reno forecasts a strong storm this morning with heavy snow turning to rain, with strong winds.

“A plume of subtropical moisture will slam into the Sierra Nevada and continue at least through the weekend,” the weather service reports.

Giomi said that with a mountain snowpack at 150 percent and the ground already saturated by recent rains, flooding is almost certain. Two to 4 inches are expected to fall on the west side of town.

“Everything that falls on the west side ends up on the east side,” Giomi said. “We will see flooding from Ash Canyon, Kings Canyon, some from Clear Creek, and on Saliman (Road) and the Linear Ditch,” Giomi said.

The first place residents can expect to see flooding will be along the Linear Ditch all the way from Carson Street east into the Lompa property past Fremont Elementary School.

“That will most certainly flood, and the duplexes on Depot Avenue will have problems. There will also be some flooding out of Goni Canyon,” he said. “We also expect problems along Nye Lane and Fairview Drive.”

Residents who need sandbags to protect their homes can pick them up at the Sandbag Filling Station at the Corporate Yard, 3303 Butti Way (located off Fifth Street). Sandbags will also be available at the Carson Middle School parking lot on King Street after 8 a.m. today.

The Public Works Department had 3,000 bags filled Thursday, and by the end of business today, there will be nearly 10,000 bags available.

Giomi said residents should also stock up on emergency supplies, including food and water.

Some residents might have to be prepared to leave their homes for emergency shelter at the Carson City Community Center. School sites could also be made available if needed, Giomi said.

He said his emergency management teams have already been briefed.

Public Works crews have been out clearing drains around town, but some on the west side of town might be clogged.

“We have some limitations due to topography or cost, but we’re doing everything we can do,” Giomi said.

Saturday is also expected to be windy with 130 mph winds along the ridge tops and 70 mph in the valleys, he said.

“The jet stream will be right over us, and we’re expecting 10-15 feet of snow above 8,000 feet,” he said.

The second storm is expected to hit Tuesday or Wednesday and it won’t be as cold, Giomi said. The Pineapple Express will be bringing water all the way from the equator.

“There’s a 20-30 percent chance it’s going to hit right at us. The National Weather Service said it will be like a fire hose is turned directly at us. We’ll know more by Sunday or Monday,” he said.

The second storm will likely cause flooding of the Carson River, he said.

Meanwhile, in Lyon County, the Office of Emergency Management urges its residents with homes near rivers, streams, creeks, canals or other waterways to take steps to lessen the chances of flooding. This includes cleaning tumbleweeds, branches, leaves and other debris from the waterways. Residents should stay aware of the latest weather forecasts throughout the weekend.

Lyon County residents can get sand and sandbags at the following locations:

• Mound House, Lyon County Road Yard – Stokes Drive

• Silver City, Silver City Community Center – Highland & 4th Street

• Dayton, Lyon County Utilities Yard – Lakes Blvd and Fire Station – Dayton Valley Road

• Stagecoach, Community Center – Highway 50

• Silver Springs, Animal Control Shelter – Highway 50

• Mason Valley, Lyon County Road Yard – 18 Highway 95A North and Mason Town Hall – 51 Bridge Street, Mason

• Smith Valley, Fire Station – Hardie Lane at Highway 208 and NDOT Mixing Strip – Highway 208 and Upper Colony Road