Football, first-day jitters on minds of VCHS students |

Football, first-day jitters on minds of VCHS students

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Virginia City High School Senior Matt McDougald of Lockwood is looking forward to this year for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is he gets to play football for the first time.

Matt is the quarterback for the Muckers, the first football team Virginia City has fielded in 64 years. Though they got off to a rocky start after a 27-0 loss in Carlin last week, Matt has high hopes.

“We had a lot of fun,” he said. “We played a lot better than expected.”

Matt said the Carlin team was the best in the 1A Division and usually scores more than 45 points a game. “We kept them to 27,” he said.

Football isn’t all he’s thinking about, Matt said.

Fun is a priority as well.

Matt said he worked harder the past three years so he wouldn’t have as heavy a course load in his senior year.

“I’m looking forward to the whole year, since it’s my last year,” he said. “I’ll have some fun.”

He plans to either go to college after this year or maybe enter a NASCAR school in Florida.

In addition to football, Matt will be playing for the Muckers baseball team. He’ll take a pass on basketball this year, though he’s played the last three.

Madison McGlynn is just beginning her high school studies. She moved to Virginia City two years ago, and had the “new school jitters.”

In middle school she worked on the school paper and the yearbook, but isn’t sure what she’ll take on in high school.

“I just want to see how things go,” she said.

The first day at VCHS began with an assembly, where Principal Patrick Beckwith told the students some dos and don’ts as well as some new things at the school.

The high school has a new intercom and bell system, which isn’t a bell sound but a high-pitched beep sound, like a loud microwave.

The kids heard the usual: Students can only park in the student parking lot, no smoking or tobacco, no hats worn in the building, cell phones off during class, keep your language and dress appropriate for school, and leave your iPods at home.

“They (iPods) tend to walk away,” he said. “If you bring them to school, it’s at your own risk.”

Kory Day, a junior, was looking forward to Advanced Placement Biology, so he can improve his work.

“It’s my worst subject,” he said.

Senior Skyler Jones was looking ahead to graduation.

“I just want to finish my senior project, hopefully make a movie,” he said. “And just get good grades in all my classes.”

Skyler said he planned to go to WNC after graduation and then on to a four-year college.

Beckwith, in his third year as principal of VCHS, said he looks forward to every school year, especially this one.

“We’ve added new staff, and it always invigorates a school to have new people,” he said, adding there were also 10 additional students. “Then there’s the excitement of the new football season. I expect it to be a real positive year.”

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