Forging new traditions on ice |

Forging new traditions on ice

Wheeler Cowperthwaite
Wheeler Cowperthwaite / Nevada Appeal

While some families may go see a movie on Christmas, the Redmond family minted the ice skating rink as part of their new tradition.

In the past, mother Julie did not know how to skate. Daughters Amy, 11, and Christie, 13, took it upon themselves to teach Julie how to skate, they said Tuesday afternoon.

“We opened presents and came out here and taught mom how to skate,” Amy said. “We’re going to the Fandango for dinner.”

Julie, who has a natural balance, did not fall.

“She’s actually really good,” Amy said. “I held her hand and after 10 minutes,” she was on her own.

Now that their mom can ice skate, the family thinks they have found something that will carry on through the years.

“I think its going to be a tradition,” Julie said.

Father Bob piped in, “It’s the inaugural.”

Christie, who has been ice skating only for a few years, takes after her mother’s natural balance.

“Some people asked me if I’m a professional,” the 13-year-old said. “I had a lot of fun.”

Next week, the family said they plan to ditch the skates for snowshoes.

Megan Sando, 13, is the one who brought her family out to skate, giving her mother Amy Sando a single-day respite from grading research papers.

Before the family hit the ice, there was a problem. The youngest, Tess, had forgotten her socks and if she could find none, Mother Amy Sando was going to give hers up.

Minutes later the news trickled back. Tess had found a pair of socks and Mom would be skating, too.

Amy Sando said she took one of her daughters and her daughter’s friend out skating a year ago and since, the friend has started to skate professionally, having found her niche.

“It’s cool because she found something she loves,” Amy Sando said.