Former mayor would work to keep retailers |

Former mayor would work to keep retailers

Marv Teixeira

Candidate: Carson City Mayor

Describe your experience and training that qualify you for the position you are seeking?

I have had the privilege and honor to serve this community as mayor for two terms from 1989 through 1996.

What are your top three priorities for Carson City for the next four years?

1. Initiate a proactive plan to curb the migration of existing retailers from Carson City to Douglas County. We need to know our existing retailers’ long-range plans, their immediate plans and their concerns. We have to demonstrate our willingness to assist them. We also need to actively seek out potential retailers and not sit and hope they come to us.

2. Establish a tri-county compact with Douglas and Lyon counties. We have spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in a lawsuits against our neighbors which has only created animosity. We need a compact to define our willingness to work together in the areas of commerce, water, transportation and more.

3. The most important thing we must accomplish is create synergism (a can-do attitude) of government, business and most of all, the citizens. We are the capital and the only consolidated city-county in Nevada. We should be the leader not a follower, a proactive not reactive community, a community with vision and pride of accomplishment.