Fossett’s driver’s license, more bones, recovered |

Fossett’s driver’s license, more bones, recovered

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A recovery team found a pair of tennis shoes, credit cards and Steve Fossett’s Illinois State driver’s license on Wednesday more than a half mile from the crash site in the central Sierra.

Madera County Sheriff John Anderson said during a press conference held Thursday that bones found on Wednesday ” more than half a mile east of the Steve Fossett crash site ” are believed to be human.

There were no remains found when searches combed through the crash site on Oct. 2. They did extract what initially appeared to be a single bone fragment that day. And on the following day, search crews found three more tiny specimens after the wreckage ofthe plane had been removed.

On Oct. 17 the Madera County Sheriff’s Department returned to the site finding more possible evidence.

Pieces discovered that day along with the first four fragments found earlier in the month were analyzed by an anthropologist. He was able to rule out all but two.

Unable to determine whether or not those two bones were human, Sheriff John Anderson had those delivered to a State Forensics Lab to test them for human DNA profiling. The results were inconclusive.

To make certain a thorough search was conducted before the winter season set in, three Madera County Sheriff’s Deputies ” Lt. Darin McMechan, Detective Jack Williamson and Deputy Bennie Romiti ” along with five volunteers from Mono County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Team returned to the site one last time on Wednesday.

The bones were examined and although not conclusive, they are believed to human. A DNA test is now pending.