Four cited for failing to use alternate route in Washoe Valley high winds |

Four cited for failing to use alternate route in Washoe Valley high winds

F.T. Norton

State troopers working an 8-mile stretch of windswept Washoe Valley have cited four high-profile vehicles for failing to use an alternate route today.

“With the large illuminated signs positioned miles in advance of entering the wind-prone area, along with the presence of NHP troopers on both ends of the valley, only four citations were issued as of 11 a.m. today to those who didn’t obey the law,” said Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Chuck Allen. “Drivers that were stopped for failing to use the alternate posted route, were issued a citation for failing to obey a traffic control device with a fine of $190.00 and four points assessed against their driver’s license if convicted.”

The National Weather Service reports that gusts through the Valley have been clocked between 60 and 70 mph.

Winds at the south end of Carson City at the junction of Highway 50 West and Highway 395 have clocked 60 mph.

“It would only take one large truck or trailer to blow over resulting in injuries to that driver or the risk of other vehicles being struck and other drivers injured plus the fact that all traffic would be impacted for hours,” Allen said.

He offered the following safety tips:

– Drivers should keep both hands on the steering wheel in those high-wind areas; especially since gusts of 55 mph have been reported today.

– Limit distractions such as talking on the cell phone, switching the radio station, eating, drinking etc…

– Keep a safe following distance with other vehicles

– Be extra cautious when passing slower moving vehicles

– Be sure that anything being transported or hauled is properly restrained or tied down (camper shells, plastic pick up bed liners, cargo, furniture, etc…)

Motorist wanting updated roadway information regarding Washoe Valley and all highways within the state, can dial 511 from their phone.



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