Free Thanksgiving meals offered in several communities |

Free Thanksgiving meals offered in several communities

Rhonda Costa-Landers
Appeal Staff Writer

Stewart Community Baptist Church will host a Thanksgiving dinner at 1 p.m. Thursday at the church, 5340 Snyder Ave.

“We’ll have the turkey dinner – turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, a traditional turkey-type thing,” said Wayne Ellison, pastor of the church.

About 10 members of the congregation in addition to Ellison and his wife will be preparing the meal.

“We have six turkeys now, but we’re always open for donations. For anything, really.”

The meal is open to anyone who wants to go, but Ellison notes they want to reach those who don’t have family here.

“That is our main objective: to help those without family.”

Ellison said they served 64 people last year, many of whom live at the Wylie House and some from the Advocates to End Domestic Violence shelter.

“It will be a nice day, for everyone. And the weather will be nice, too,” Ellison added.

Ellison asks anyone who would like to attend call so he can keep a head count. His number is 721-5126.

“We don’t really know how many will show up,” he said. “We’ll see what we can do.”

In Storey County, the senior center at the corner of E and Mills streets is offering a free Thanksgiving Meal. Senior Center director Kathryn Douglass is the hostess and asks those who plan to attend to call as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly.

“I came here for Thanksgiving dinner several years ago,” she said. “It used to be held every other year but now it’s every year.”

The menu includes turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, Brussels sprouts, Ambrosia salad, dinner rolls, pies of all sorts and whipped cream.

“We will need to know in advance that you are coming and how many people you are bringing,” Douglass said.

“Please call us at 847-0957 today to let us know.”

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Carson City

WHAT: Free Thanksgiving meal

WHEN: 1 p.m. Thursday

WHERE: Stewart Community Baptist Church, 5340 Snyder Ave.

CALL: 721-5126

WHERE: Carson Nugget, 507 N. Carson St.

WHEN: 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Thursday

WHAT: Hand the check to the cashier and say, “I’m a guest of the Nugget today.”

WHERE: Bully’s Sports Bar and Grill, 3530 N. Carson St.

WHEN: noon-5 p.m. Thursday

CALL: 825-4333

Virginia City

WHERE: Storey County Senior Center, corner of E and Mill streets

WHEN: 2 p.m. Thursday

CALL: 847-0957

WHERE: Mark Twain Saloon/Casino, 62 South C St.

WHEN: 2-6 p.m. Thursday

CALL: 847-0599, preregistration requested

WHERE: Millionaires Club of the Washoe, 121 South C St.

WHEN: 3 p.m.

CALL: 847-7210

WHERE: Union Brewery, 63 North C St.

WHEN: 1 p.m. Thursday

CALL: 847-9016