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Freeway history

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

u 1958 – Study of Carson City outlines proposed route for a “parkway” around east side of the city to help traffic flow.

u 1968 – Plans to widen Highway 395 through Carson City concern city officials, who say the project could stall their hopes for a freeway around downtown.

u 1972 – Carson City master plan describes an expressway roughly following the route being followed now.

u 1986 – After several Nevada Department of Transportation meetings over the years, an environmental impact plan studies the proposed route around Carson’s east side, bisecting the Lompa ranch.

u 1989 – Final plan showing a freeway from Lakeview Hill to Spooner Junction is adopted.

u 1997 – Carson residents begin paying a nickel per gallon of gas to help pay for the freeway.

u 2002 – Four bridges finished for the northern half of the freeway.

u Wednesday – Ground broken for construction of the highway from Lakeview Hill to Highway 50.

u 2006 – Northern section to be completed.

u 2010 – Southern half to be completed?