Fremont students make special gifts for Dad |

Fremont students make special gifts for Dad

Dave Frank
Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Breanna Murry said she decorated her picture frame with yellow, green, orange and red because those are her father’s favorite colors.

For Father’s Day on Sunday, the 8-year-old will give her father a butterfly magnet and the star-shaped framed picture of her.

“I think he’ll be very happy and surprised because he never knew I could make a picture frame, but then I actually did it,” Breanna said Wednesday.

Alison Simmons’ second-grade class at Fremont Elementary School finished the projects last week.

Simmons said she had the students design the picture frames along with butterfly, dragonfly or bumblebee magnets to go along with teaching a lesson on insects.

She said she wanted to tie the lesson in with Father’s Day because other schools that aren’t year-round don’t get a chance to do projects like this. Also, she said, “we love our fathers.”

“Every Mother’s Day, mothers get honored,” Simmons said. “I wanted to make sure we took the time to honor our dads.”

Breanna said she likes to paint animals and watches sports with her father. She said she isn’t sure if her family has any plans to celebrate Father’s Day, however.

“We might get him a cake or something,” she said.

Joshua Verde, 9, said his family will probably also go out to eat for Father’s Day after he gives his father his dragonfly magnet and picture frame.

He said his father is a cook who likes to cook at home, too. Joshua’s favorite food his father makes is pasta. He described his dad as a nice man with four children, three dogs and one cat.

“One of the dogs died and we got another one,” he said.

Jarrod Meyer, 8, said he carefully painted the stripes on the bumblebee magnet present intended for his father. He said he did the basic painting required then added his own touches of green and red to make it better.

“People say I’m a good artist, but I don’t know,” he said.

Jarrod said he’s glad his family is going to his uncle’s ranch in California for Father’s Day. They’ll swim in a pond and help on the ranch.

He said his father is usually gone most of the day at his construction job.

“I only have 30 minutes to see him, but he’s allowed to have these days off now so we can go to my uncle’s ranch and cut down the weeds,” Jarrod said.