Freshmen offer some early lessons about Carson High |

Freshmen offer some early lessons about Carson High

Jarid Shipley
Appeal Staff Writer
Chad Lundquist/Nevada Appeal Dax Jones, 14, poses for his student identification photo during gym class Monday at Carson High School. Dax said he was looking forward to auto body, which he hopes to turn into a career.


With the first bell at Carson High School, the students scatter from Senator Square in all directions, some striding with purpose toward classrooms they have spent years in, others nervously glancing at crumpled pieces of paper in the hopes of discerning which direction to head.

Off to one side, a teacher is helping a freshman remove items prohibited by the dress code, while another student tells her friends that her shirt wasn’t “that short.”

It’s not even 10 a.m. and many of the freshman say they already have high school figured out.

“I thought high school would be a lot more crowded. I thought there would be more people, so it’s going to be all right,” said Spencer Creech, 14.

Evan Zemp, 14, said that he was looking forward to being able to leave campus for lunch, but wasn’t excited about what he would have to do to make it to that point in his day.

“The worst part? That we are in school, doing work. That’s the worst part,” Zemp said.

The same went for Dax Jones, 14, but he did find one bright spot.

“Auto body, I’m looking forward to that because I want to own a business doing that someday,” Jones said. “Right now the hardest part is probably just listening and fighting boredom.”

Amairani Gonzalez, 13, said nothing about being at CHS bothers her, but she is weary of a couple of things that come with being a high school student.

“Graduating will be the best part,” Gonzalez said. “But I’m not looking forward to the homework and the drama between friends.”

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